We are a church family

That has been serving the community of Bonne Terre, MO for over 110 years.

Our Church family worships God in the same way that the early church did by singing praise to God and gathering for worship. If you are looking for a Church home or just a Church to visit, we would love to meet you! 

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About Us

Please be patient as we update our website. 

The Church of Christ in Bonne Terre was established in 1910 as by members of the Park Hills congregation and our Church Family has been serving the community of Bonne Terre ever since. 

1910 to Now

Sunday Bible Class ~ 9:30 AM

Sunday Worship ~ 10:30 AM

Wed. Night Class ~ 6:00 PM

From Hwy 67 

Head west on State Hwy 47 N 

Turn right onto N Norwine St Bldg is on the right

Online devotionals

To help our Church Family make it through the week we have begun creating online devotionals in our facebook group. If you are interested in checking these out please let us know!


power of Choice

We were created by God to live our lives in the daily presence of God, but God also gave us the power to choose. Unfortunately we often choose to turn away from God which leaves a huge hole in our lives that we as sinners constantly try and fail to fill up with worldly things. Only when you choose to fill up this hole in your life with the Holy Spirit will you be able to fill the void in your life. At the Bonne Terre Church of Christ we understand that life is a struggle and we like you are not perfect, but if you choose to worship with us we promise that together through Christ we can help each other to live a Christ like life.

Our Mission

Is simple... In Matthew 28 just prior to his ascension Christ commanded us to share his word and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost teaching to follow his commandments.


Hear and believe

The first step to salvation is hearing and believing his word. If you would like to know more please let us know... we would love to study with you!

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Christ loves you!


Repent and be baptized

Throughout the New Testament we are given examples of new believers repenting and being baptized. In Romans 6:4 the Apostle Paul explains that we are buried with Christ through baptism.

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Free salvation plan available upon request!


Obey his word

After Baptism, the real challenge begins. Living our lives in a Christlike manner is the goal, but none of us are perfect. That is why gathering with a Church family is so important.  The Church is often referred to as a body working together to serve God's will.  Even though none of us are perfect we can all blend our talents to be stronger together.

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Your Church family misses you even if we haven't met you yet!

Elders and deacons

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One Family
Serving God


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