Church of Christ ~ Bonne Terre

Serving God and following his word.


  • Serving God.
  • Serving the Family
  • Serving the Community


  • Worshiping God.
  • Worshiping through Christ.
  • Worshiping with the Holy Spirit.


  • Faith is believing.
  • Faith is putting belief into action.
  • Faith grows with Bible Study

The Church of Christ at Bonne Terre

A church family striving to worship God and follow Christ's teachings. We aren't perfect and we don't expect others to be perfect either, so you don't have to "fix" your life before coming in to worship.  We do strive to get closer to the Lord every day by studying the Bible and offering worship and praise to God.  If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to come visit and get to know us!

Ed Blair


Allen Baranovic

Elder and Preacher

Craig Smith


In Memory of Ken Owen

Deacon 2014 - 2018